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1100 years in the heart of Europe | Map
Budapest and Surroundings
Eger–Tokaj Wine Region
The Puszta and Lake Tisza
Lake Balaton

The area of their country is barely 100,000 km2. Their language is spoken nowhere else. Their folk songs bear no resemblance to those of other nations. Yet, the Hungarian people have been living in the centre of Europe for over 1,100 years.
Despite frequent tragic upheavals which spared nothing and nobody, the country boasts a heritage that attracts people from far and wide.
Citing the city’s unparalleled panorama, UNESCO declared Budapest, Hungary’s capital, ‘the Pearl of the Danube’, a World Heritage site.
After Iceland, Hungary has the world’s largest reserve of surface thermal water: hundreds of springs help thousands in recovering.
Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, is a favourite get-away for families with young children, fans of yachting and lovers of the beach.
We have collected for you in this brochure a variety of things that can be seen and enjoyed in Hungary.
Have a delightful time travelling and exploring the country and many unforgettable experiences in the heart of Europe!

Hungarian National Tourist Office

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